Tips and Tricks for Quilting on a Domestic Sewing Machine with Sue Patten - Monday, May 06 - 9:00 to 1:00

  • $100.00

With her many years of quilting, Sue Patten has developed more than a few skills that she would love to share with you!

This class covers:

Preparing your top for basting

Tricks for quick and easy basting

Squaring off a quilt as you go, so that it is square every time, no matter how "not so square" it was at the start...

Sue will also teach you ways to manipulate fabric on those not-so-perfect quilt tops to make them lay flat without causing pleats, puckers or stress.

She will share her tips for getting perfect tension with every type of thread on every machine brand as well as how to ensure that you are using the right needle for the thread and fabric that you are working with.

Using 3 degrees of texture to achieve the perfect look for every quilt.

Making your borders look like they were quilted with no stops and starts without ever turning your quilt and so much more!

Come and join Sue as she takes your quilting skills to a new level!

Sue's tips and tricks will have you smiling and saying "No problem. I can quilt that out!".


Class runs from 9:00 - 1:00

On Monday, May 06

At Keystone Quilts

7-851 Lagimodiere Blvd