PRE ORDER - Bobbie Pin by Sue Patten - Domestic Machine Quilting Ruler 1/8" - Closes April 30

  • $22.99

This ruler is designed to be used with all styles of domestic sewing machines and is 1/8' thick. This ruler requires a domestic ruler foot. All of our domestic rulers are compatible with all brands of domestic ruler feet, including, but not limited to Westerly, Country Stitchin and Machine Brand specific. Please see chart to help determine which shank size of ruler foot you will need to have for your brand of machine. This ruler offers a design that measures 2" by 6" with the added bonus of etched lines that allow you to line up the continue line perfectly as you move across the quilt.

All of our ruler products are manufactured proudly here in Canada, using the highest quality of acrylic and a CO2 laser machine. All of our domestic and longarm rulers are cut and etched at the same time for the highest form of quality and accuracy. Our rulers are designed by internationally acclaimed quilter and quilt instructor, Sue Patten along with our digitized in-house, by quilters who use quilting rulers and understand the need for high quality finishing tools.