PRE ORDER - Diamond Set by Sue Patten - Domestic Machine Quilting Ruler 1/8" - Closes April 30

  • $22.99

A domestic ruler foot is required to use this product, all of our domestic rulers are compatible with all after market and brand specific ruler feet. This multi purpose ruler offers three different sizes of Diamonds, 2", 2.5" & 3, a wiggle waved edge with start and stop ends, and is etched every 1/4' for perfect placement. This ruler also has the added advantage of an open slot so you can move in and out of the shapes without having to break or tie off your thread. This ruler is also available in a 1/4' thickness for use with a longarm.

All of our ruler products are manufactured proudly here in Canada, using the highest quality of acrylic and a CO2 laser machine. All of our domestic and longarm rulers are cut and etched at the same time for the highest form of quality and accuracy. Our rulers are designed by internationally acclaimed quilter and quilt instructor, Sue Patten along with our digitized in-house, by quilters who use quilting rulers and understand the need for high quality finishing tools.